Marketing unforgettable

When you see a woman, she always use assesoris to make up her style. for example she use mini bag, arloji, shawl, and make up her face to get attention from the others.

From that example we can apply for our marketing. like this when we want to give brochure we can give candy that we write something in the back cover of that candy. we can write our website, our blog, or just say thank you for accept our brochure.

But not separate between brochure and candy we can use paper clip. one brochure one candy It's to reduce operational cost.

If separate between brochure and candy, maybe they eat that candy first before they read our brochure.

So the conclusion is besides the candy was delicious we can use candy to sweeten brochure.

That's all, Good evening !

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Ditulis oleh AriE ONly - Wednesday, October 6, 2010 - 9:39 PM

3 komentar untuk "Marketing unforgettable"

  1. just add a liitle bit broth... the blog without marketing, what do u think..? Is that usefull for us or not..? We know more ads, the blogs were more heavy when loading... No ads, no revenus... little ads, i think u know the answer... hehehe...
    i wish u can drop the topic in the nex chance of posting bro... honestly, you have a great blog... :) Good luck 2 u...

  2. @Onjor: OK brother... thank you for your comment,

    I'll posting your wish

  3. lama aq g berkunjung kesini, blognya bahasa linggis semua, apa kabar mas ariE


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