Forbidden question to ask to woman

When you want to dating with your girl friend, you shouldn't ask some questions like this below because it make her feel not confident. What is the forbidden question to ask to woman, read below
  1.  Men do not need to ask the woman whether she should kiss him, reason was because it seemed the  children
  2. Men shouldn't need to ask the woman if he could ask her to hang out or not. Most women are more comfortable with a man like a leader that not always ask permission to do something. If the man want to ask dating with woman, he should ask question with enough confident, "We must talk more close. what is your telephone number? "
  3. Men do not show off of the property has, for women they are more like men who are not told about the man's wealth
  4. Men shouldn't need to ask the woman what should we do tonight, women prefer men who have a plan for dating and women do not feel burdened with about a date that will be done
  5. Men do not need to ask the woman whether she likes me or not. This usually eliminates entirely female attraction to men, because it makes him look not have self-confidence. Better to assume that she likes you.
  6. Men do not need to ask the woman why she never replied to an SMS or e-mail. It made him look too demanding in her eyes. As a result, women feel uncomfortable close with him.
  7. Men do not need to ask the woman about how many men who ever date with her. It makes women feel their privacy compromised
  8. Men do not need to ask about when the next date. Most women love a challenge, and she will lose interest if knowing the man also likes her. At that point, she feels as a win, and the challenge that she looking for is lose.
  9. Men do not need to ask the woman about the negative side of her friend, especially when she is not familiar with her.
  10. Men do not need to ask the woman about the things that will be further carried out. Women prefer a man who is difficult in the guess and be spontaneous.
Those are some questions that are prohibited to ask to women, and hopefully no more regrets or mistakes while dating your girlfriend.

Thanks you for come and read my article, good day for all. 

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  1. These tips are very useful, all deposit$

  2. Nice tips, i'll try to find more girls.. :D

  3. @Rizky Zone: aseeekkkkk thanks broder
    @Bang_Andre: OK gan...

  4. Wualah..ane gag ngeri gan..hee

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    dtunggu terus yah..

  5. hehehe... gpp gan, sekedar share aja trik dating ma cewek ^^


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