Tips before launch product

When we have a new product we need more promotion to let the customer know it. So, we must have different trick. Because if  we still use old way it hard to get more attention from customer.
ok to the point here is 

Tips before launch product

1. All is Easy
A brand should be easy to speak easy to write, because there is so many people is use oral communication each time. They won't to remember the difficult brand or hard to speak and tell their friends if it make interested. So that why we should follow the rule " all is easy "

2. Mind Customer target 
The real war is how our brand in the minds of consumers. What should be done is to make sure our brands contain a specific meaning in the minds of consumers

3. Encouraging the spirit
When the first time business is launched some time the spirit of it decrease so as the leader of this business is to encouraging the spirit for employee and for the company

4. Enjoy when business is still small
While our business is still small, enjoy this period. Don't be low confidence or felt "we should have a great business. " The bigger our business, maybe we've not able to handle it

5. Strengthen our team
A business like a helicopter. Fly after checking the engine first. In other words, Strengthen team, before we take care of marketing. A parable. For example I am a singer who had a dream to go international. I have to do is to improve internal conditions. For example, by learning English, singing lessons, etc..

6. Move like 5 wheel drive
Brands should be about 4 dimensions are crucial, such as rational, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

7. Follow the climber
Difficulties experienced mountaineer is when he will reach the peak, not when he reached the top. The lesson is that the process becomes extremely important to success than when we was at the top. The strategy we can apply is the focus.

8. Keep Innovation
The key to hold business is keep make innovation for our product its useful because our customer love something fresh.

Ok that all trick today when launch our product.
Have a nice day.

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  1. Nice tips, i'll try it. See you at the top of Success.. :D

  2. muhammad ali12/4/11 5:04 PM

    pasti artikel yang di buat buat dapatkan hpk google besar ya??????????????

    eh.....pasang artikel di posting seperti itu boleh ta? kok aku adsense google newbi

  3. @Muhammad Ali: iya gan, buat dapetin Hpk gede
    mengenai pasang artikel di posting, hmm mungkin maksudnya pasang iklan di posting y ? caranya google aja gan keywordnya ini " cara pasang iklan di dalam postingan blog" banyak tu tutornya...


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