How to get more customer with single menu

Nice day with me again, at this time let me share about " how to get more customer with single menu ". Yups, that is if you only have business with single menu for example you sell " Fried Meatball, fried foods like banana, bakwan, tofu with vegetable etc.

The key is make creative menu, not only reduce the price but also you focus to make fantastic words, eye catching and make them curious.

For example like this
How to get more customer with single menu
Menu of Fried Food:
  • For poor Rp. 5000,- get 4 fried foods
  • For middle class Rp.10.000,- get 10 fried foods
  • For high class Rp. 15.000,- get 16 fried foods
  • For Super high class Rp. 20.000,- get 25 fried foods and PLUS PLUS*
* you get MORE Hot chili, high class cover for your foods, and get 1 coupon and collect to 5 coupon to change FREE deliver to your home. JUST CALL US and we deliver it for you.

Understand what I mean ? just make creative menu. And one more tricks, if you are photographer or have skill of service you can give your service for loyal customer

Simple tricks you can offer free service to make family picture from me (as owner and photographer) or free blog/ website ( as blog maker or web maker). Why service skill ? because its not need more money just our skill.

Once again, understand what I mean ? I hope its use full for you. Ok that's all see you next trick and tips marketing.

Good night

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  1. It's good for business and get more customer . ,

  2. Where i can eat that cheapest menu..?


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