Traditional tips to cure skin fungus

Skin that is filled with white patches of skin called the fungus, skin fungus usually occurs because the air is too hot and also the body that is too moist, causing the growth of this fungus.

This fungus will spread to other parts of the skin, skin fungus there exist a variety of fungal skin first "flower" and fungal skin "dry" fungus flower is the most rapidly spreading, within one month if left untreated this fungus had eaten half your body .

If you have such a quick cure of early, before spreading to parts of your face that will make you become less confident and shy to meet people. To eliminate this fungus is not difficult, we will use a prescription medicine that is easy to get.

Traditional tips to cure skin fungus: Take a piece of galangal, cut into large pieces, then sap galangal is used to rub our bodies. Before the polishing galangal give a little salt. It is somewhat painful, but skin fungus can be eradicated quickly, so that no more than 2 weeks the skin fungus that can be eliminated.

For those who have sensitive skin, do not use this galangal, because it will make your skin itch. How the use of galangal not for too long, try after the body was rubbed with ginger should be quickly washed, then if your body will not itching (especially for sensitive skin).

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